RESULTS: 40th Annual Overnight Billfish Tournament



  1. Polarizer - 525 pts (7WM)
  2. Viking 62 - 317.5 pts (2WM, 1 BM, 1 Tuna)
  3. Trust Me Too - 250 pts (2WM, 1BM)


  1. Polarizer - 525 pts (7WM)
  2. Trust Me Too - 250 pts (2WM, 1BM) **TIE BREAKER**
  3. Viking 62 - 250 pts (2WM, 1 BM, 1 Tuna)


  1. Royal Pursuit - 14.5 lb (Ernie Stefkovic)
  2. Captain Chazz - 14 lb (Tom Montague)
  3. Kraken - 12.5 lbs (David Bachman)


  1. Viking 62 - 67.5 lb (Dan Pettit)
  2. Oh Well - 58.5 lb (Paul Zgalich)
  3. Doctor Bones - 58 lb (Dan Ponzio)
    Huntress - 58 lb (Michael Harrier - Junior Angler)

Junior Angler

  1. Michael Wood - Woodshed
    • 2 white Marlin Releases and 5.5 lb Dolphin




  • The Knife
    • 1 White Marlin Release


  • Trust Me Too 
    • 2 White Marlin Releases
    • 1 Blue Marlin Release
  • Exile 
    • 2 Dolphin - 12lb, 10.5lb
  • Anthracite 
    • 3 White Marlin Releases


  • Emanon 
    • 3 White Marlin Releases


  • Polarizer 
    • 7 White Marlin Releases
  • Breakaway 
    • 1 White Marlin Release
  • Lisa Marie 
    • 1 White Marlin Release
    • 1 Dolphin - 11 lb
  • Oh Well 
    • 3 Tuna - 58.5 lb, 49.5 lb, 49.5 lb
  • Doctor Bones 
    • 1 Tuna - 58 lb
  • Inflexible 
    • 1 Tuna 56 lb
  • Captain Chazz 
    • 1 Dolphin - 14 lb
  • Royal Pursuit 
    • 2 Dolphin - 14.5 lb, 7.5 lb
  • Royal Flush
    • 2 Tuna - 54.5, 45.5
  • On A Roll
    • 2 White Marlin Releases


  • Huntress
    • 2 Tuna - 58 lb, 35 lb
  • Viking 62
    • 1 Blue Marlin Release
    • 2 White Marlin Releases
    • 1 Tuna - 67.5 lb
  • Woodshed
    • 3 White Marlin Releases
    • 1 Dolphin - 5.5 lb (Junior Angler Michael Wood)
    • Prowler
      • 3 White Marlin Releases

    SATURDAY 8/19

    • Kraken
      • 1 Dolphin - 12.5 lb


    The first annual “War at the Shore” tournament was held July 13th thru July 16th.  This tournament had five of the top fishing clubs on the New Jersey coast competing for the Governor’s Plaque and bragging rights as the top Marlin and Tuna club in the state.  Proceeds raised were donated to Children’s Leukemia Foundation.  The clubs competing were OCMTC, Beach Haven Marlin and Tuna Club, Cape May Marlin and Tuna Club, Forked River Tuna Club, and Manasquan River Marlin and Tuna Club.  OCMTC was represented by 19 boats, which had the most boats registered of the five clubs.  When the weigh in closed at 8PM on Sunday, the standings were:

    MRMTC: 89.76 POINTS

    FRTC:  88.65 POINTS


    BHMTC: 33.86 POINTS

    CMMTC:  15.30 POINTS

    In addition, $3090.00 was raised to contribute to the Children’s Leukemia Foundation in the name of Parker Nork, who was a member of BHMTC.

    OCMTC results were as follows:

    Barracuda- 156 points                             Captain Chazz- 74 points

    Kraken- 152 points                                   Oh Well- 52 points

    Nuthin’ Fancy- 118 points                       On a Roll- 35.5 points

    Huntress- 114.5 points                             Summer Run- 30 points

    Irish Wake- 100 points                             Diamond Girl- 27 points

    Alana Ken- 91 points

    Other boats competing were Breakaway, Jackie Sea, Lisa Marie, M & M, Red Head, Reel Addiction, Polarizer, and Inflexible.  Polarizer, Jackie Sea, M & M and Oh Well braved some less than ideal conditions and fished on Friday and Saturday.  Oh Well managed a nice 52LB tuna caught in the Tom’s Canyon.  The rest of the field fished on a beautiful Sunday with brilliant sunshine, little wind, and flat calm conditions.  Most of the fleet headed to the Wilmington Canyon and were greeted with water that was less than ideal in color.  But despite the water clarity, several nice size tuna were boated by Barracuda, Kraken, Huntress, Alana Ken and Nuthin’ Fancy.  Irish Wake and Captain Chazz tallied billfish releases with Irish Wake winning the War at the Shore tournament Marlin Release Jackpot!!!!  In addition, Diamond Girl and junior angler Larry Stout III captured 2nd place in the Heaviest Mahi Jackpot, with a mahi-mahi weighing 13.5LBS.  Great job Larry!  Special thanks to Alex Sabetta for organizing the event.  What a fun event that will be a yearly new addition to the OCMTC fishing calendar.  And thank you to the weigh-in staff of Joan Walker, Marlene Thornton, Sonya and Brian Logue, Kelly McMurray and Lisa Gallagher, as well as all the participants from the OCMTC.   Way to go OCMTC! 



    The 2017 OCMTC Team Tournament began with a Captains Meeting at Point Tackle in Somers Point. A packed house enjoyed checking out the beautiful new shop, while having food and cocktails and registering for both the Team Tournament and the upcoming War at the Shore tournament. Thanks to Andy Eget for hosting the event. Eleven “offshore” boats and four “inshore” boats registered for the tournament. Teams were as follows:

    Team 1: Nuthin Fancy, Summer Run, Woodshed, Low Tide
    Team 2: Alana Ken, Lisa Marie, M & M, Red Head
    Team 3: Breakaway, Captain Chazz, Jackie Sea, Little Barracuda
    Team 4: Captain Chazz, Kraken, Polarizer, Tinker Toy (Captain Chazz was drawn randomly to even the teams)

    All the “offshore” Captains made the decision to run on Sunday due to more favorable conditions. With lines in at 6AM, Breakaway was able to release a white marlin at 6:35, (one of two for the trip). The release qualifies for the First Marlin Award for 2017. Congrats to Captain Jack Davidson and crew for the achievement. There was a decent white marlin and small tuna bite in the Wilmington in the early morning. As the day progressed, larger tuna began biting, with some decent size Mahi catches as well. Nuthin Fancy had Yellowfin tuna of 46 and 47LBS and a white marlin release. Jackie Sea had a 48LB Yellowfin, and Polarizer had two Yellowfins of 54 and 51LBS. Kraken’s Yellowfin weighed 41LBS. Alanaken fished closer to home and had Yellowfins of 47 and 38LBS. Captain Chazz tallied a White Marlin release. And Lisa Marie won the heaviest fish Calcutta with a Yellowfin that weighed in at over 56LBS. Mahi were caught up to 14LBS to round out a day where catches were spread pretty evenly among most of the boats. When all the points were tallied, the team of Breakaway, Captain Chazz, Jackie Sea, and Little Barracuda took first place with 273.5 points. Second place went to team Captain Chazz, Kraken, Polarizer, and Tinker Toy with 236.5 points.

    This year’s Inshore/Offshore Team Tournament had the highest number of boats registered in years. Thanks to those who supported the Club and participated. 


    The 2017 Flounder Cup Results are in, and the OCMTC retained the Cup for the fourth consecutive year!  OCMTC officially registered 10 boats, that went head to head with 7 boats from the OCYC.  OCMTC swept all three places.  Gary Tretina on the boat "Joy" took the top two spots with a nice 4lb 8oz fluke and a 3lb 2oz flounder.  And incredibly there was a three way tie for third place, with Bob Michener on "Some Day", Mick Foster on "Knee Deep", and Ron Gallagher on "Lisa Marie" all weighing fish of 2lbs 13ozs!  Fishing was immediately followed by a luncheon at the OCYC, with an awards ceremony for this year's winners.  Special thanks to Kelly McMurray and Joan Walker for their handling the weigh in, and Past Commodore Baron Schlachter for co-ordinating the OCYC luncheon.  Thanks also go to the OCYC for hosting the event, and OCYC Fishing Chair, Greg Jones.

    1st Place:  Greg Tretina- "Joy"   4lbs 8oz

    2nd Place:  Greg Tretina- "Joy"  3lbs 2oz

    3rd Place:  Bob Michener- "Someday"  2lbs 13oz

                      Mick Foster- "Knee Deep"  2lbs 13oz

                      Ron Gallagher- "Lisa Marie"  2lbs 13oz


    The OCMTC 2017 Shark Tournament began with a great turn out at the Captains meeting at the new Tight Lines Tackle Shop on Friday June 2nd.  Cocktails and sandwiches were served on the back deck overlooking Ocean City.  The following morning saw 14 boats assemble off the Wonderland Pier Ferris Wheel for a glorious sunrise and flat calm seas.  At 6:30AM sharp the count-down began and a Bimini Start resulted in OCMTC member boats racing for the horizon.  The Eni's beautiful new 41 Albemarle broke away from the pack, but the turbos in Charles Dolaway's Captain Chazz eventually kicked in and blew away the fleet.  And the crew of the Captain Chazz did not stop there.  The boat took first place with an impressive 368 points, and a 348LB Thresher Shark.  Alex Sabetta's Red Head took second place with a Thresher, and 110 points, and Jack Davidson's Breakaway totaled 9 releases for 90 points.  M & M had 70 points, Exit 30 had 50 points, and Woodshed and Jonesea II each totaled 40 points.  Other participating boats: On A Roll, Alana Ken, Joy, Angee V, Laurianna, Reel Addiction, and Summer Run.  First place angler went to Mick Foster, and second place Angler went to Alex Sabetta.