The 2017 Flounder Cup Results are in, and the OCMTC retained the Cup for the fourth consecutive year!  OCMTC officially registered 10 boats, that went head to head with 7 boats from the OCYC.  OCMTC swept all three places.  Gary Tretina on the boat "Joy" took the top two spots with a nice 4lb 8oz fluke and a 3lb 2oz flounder.  And incredibly there was a three way tie for third place, with Bob Michener on "Some Day", Mick Foster on "Knee Deep", and Ron Gallagher on "Lisa Marie" all weighing fish of 2lbs 13ozs!  Fishing was immediately followed by a luncheon at the OCYC, with an awards ceremony for this year's winners.  Special thanks to Kelly McMurray and Joan Walker for their handling the weigh in, and Past Commodore Baron Schlachter for co-ordinating the OCYC luncheon.  Thanks also go to the OCYC for hosting the event, and OCYC Fishing Chair, Greg Jones.

1st Place:  Greg Tretina- "Joy"   4lbs 8oz

2nd Place:  Greg Tretina- "Joy"  3lbs 2oz

3rd Place:  Bob Michener- "Someday"  2lbs 13oz

                  Mick Foster- "Knee Deep"  2lbs 13oz

                  Ron Gallagher- "Lisa Marie"  2lbs 13oz