This year’s Shark Tournament began with a cocktail party, (our second Fishtales event), on the deck of Tight Lines Tackle in Somers Point, NJ. During the party, a short Captain’s Meeting was held to announce the rules.  Sixteen boats registered for the tournament, which began with a 6:00AM Bimini Start off the Wonderland Pier Ferris Wheel.  The start was a success, with boats racing to their destinations on a calm sea.  

Several boats released Mako Sharks that were under the Federal regulations for minimum length, while boats also encountered significant numbers of Blue Sharks in their slick, (which were all released).  Ted Wood and the crew of the Woodshed, Bob Michener’s Someday, and Ken Adelman and friends on Alanaken, all racked up significant releases during fishing time. Charlie Falkenstein’s Playpen was also in the release mix, including two Mako releases throughout the day.  Releases were also tallied by Joy and Uncle Dougie. Jack Davidson’s Breakaway hooked up to a large Thresher Shark that hit a rigged Bluefish in the Cigar within the first hour of fishing.  A battle of over 1 ½ hours elapsed before the wire leader was in their grasp, (several times).  But the shorthanded crew of only 3 was unable to control the big Thresher to sink the gaff.  After a couple attempts the Shark estimated at well over 300LBs swam off to fight another day.  As a result, no fish caught met the minimum weight requirements of the tournament.  When the 3:00PM deadline for lines out arrived, the standings were as follows:

FIRST PLACE:   TIE       Woodshed- 12 releases  (Ted Wood)

                                       Someday- 12 releases     (Bob Michener)

SECOND PLACE:         Alanaken-  9 releases      (Ken Adelman)

THIRD PLACE:             Playpen- 4 releases          (Charlie Falkenstein)

Congrats to the winners.  Special thanks to Chris Baliban/Tight Lines for hosting our Captain’s Meeting and Fishtales party.