General OCMTC Rules  

1. For prize purposes the fishing year begins January 1st and ends December 31st. Prizes are awarded in the Spring at the Kickoff Event.

2. 2019 dues are $125.00 for a family and $75.00 for an individual. Family memberships include your spouse and your children 21 years of age and under on December 31, 2019. Children are eligible for all prizes. The club is governed by By Laws which are available upon request to any member from the secretary.

3. Any member in good standing is eligible for prizes.

4. New members may be accepted via radio communication prior to the start of a days fishing by reporting to any OCMTC member in good standing. However, the membership application and dues must be received at the club Post Office Box within seven days.

5. To qualify for prizes, all fish must be weighed in at an OCMTC Official Weigh Station. It is the responsibility of the angler to ensure that within seven days of the catch a copy of each weigh slip is mailed to the club post office box or hand deliv- ered to the weigh committee.

6. To qualify for prizes, a boat must leave via Great Egg Harbor inlet, Corson’s inlet, or adjacent waters without fueling or docking. Utilizing the ICW or immediate tidal waters to Ocean City is permissible. Also, use of the ICW to leave or return via other southern New Jersey inlets is permissible as long as your boat is docked in Ocean City or the immediate surrounding waters. If a member’s boat is not docked in Ocean City or the immediate surrounding waters, that boat must travel to Ocean City and utilize either Great Egg Harbor inlet or Corson’s inlet to qualify for prizes.

7. To qualify for prizes all catches, including releases, must be made in accordance with I.G.F.A. Rules (OCMTC is an I.G.F.A. Member Club). Additionally, released fish will only be eligible for prize consideration when caught aboard OCMTC member boats.

8. An executive committee comprised of the Commodore, the Vice Commodore, the Past Commodore, the chairman of the prize committee, and the chairman of the fishing committee will be utilized to decide on the “Captains”, “Master Angler” and “Unusual Fish” awards.

9. Controversies regarding entries will be resolved by the aforementioned executive committee whose decision will be final.

10. All fish entered for prizes must comply with state and federal regulations.